3 Steps to Keep Business Owners On Track


Sometimes you can’t do your best, but it’s better than nothing

It’s not always easy to perform at your best.

The reality for many of us is our performance must typically contend with all manner of issues. So when we are able to meet or even exceed our performance expectations, we usually feel a great sense of pride and accomplishment.


Sometimes challenges come unexpectedly out of the blue, despite our comfort and experience with the job at hand. When our performance is challenged, we are at risk of falling into one or more of the following traps:”


1. We disconnect from the purpose of our outcomes (Drive);

2. We stray from our drivers (Key Performance Indicators);

3. We fail to maintain a regular level of activity (Frequency).

So what can we do about these 3 traps that can distract our performance? 

Let’s consider an example.

Imagine planning to compete in a hurdle event on an athletics track.

Your drive could be any of the following: to beat a fellow competitor, to win the race outright, to achieve a personal best time or to simply enjoy the experience.

Your key performance indicators could be any of the following: the number of hurdles cleared, the number of strides you take between hurdles, the length of your stride, the speed of your stride, your reaction time to the start gun sounding, your final sprint to the line or your chest position on the line.

Your frequency is all about your training. How frequently do you practise all of the activities associated with a hurdles event: strength and endurance training, mental training and hurdling drills?

When we are committed to our performance we are on-track. What happens when our commitment is challenged? In this example, what might happen if we became sick or injured and our training interrupted?

For most of us, who don’t have a team of support staff, we can lose our focus. Instead of resetting our frequency and goals for the temporary interruption we can end up stopping all together.

Instead, we could stay connected with our performance goals by recommitting to our purpose, establishing new key performance indicators that consider our new circumstances and set a new schedule of frequency that allows for our short term situation.


When your performance is under threat, you need to stay connected with your drive. If your drive is still there, then reset your frequency and key performance indicators to maintain some level of performance.”


There are always times in our lives when we can’t be at our best. Sometimes being your best is simply doing anything more than nothing to stay connected with your longer term purpose.

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