Business Owners Work in 3 Ways!


Right Drivers, Right Amount and Right Sequence.

I rarely meet a small business owner who is not doing enough work. It’s usually the opposite.

The importance of working on the business over working in the business has become a cliche. While it’s essential, we need to think a little bit deeper about what working on the business should be.

Business owners can make three errors that will negate the benefits of working on the business:

  1. Focus on the wrong part of the business.
  2. Commit the wrong amount of work.
  3. Implement the work in the wrong order.

To overcome these three problems and save energy, time and money, business owners should carefully plan how they work on their business. 

Firstly, the business owner needs a plan that sets out a roadmap of actions addressing the correct business drivers to achieve the business goals.

Secondly, the roadmap of actions should clearly outline the number of resources required to implement the plan effectively. 

Finally, business owners should prioritise the roadmap of actions to ensure each step commences having completed preceding dependents.

Business owners must work on their business with a plan that addresses the right drivers in the right amount through the right sequence of work.

I coach business owners to double their profit and earn a 2x return on my fee. 

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