Here’s Why The Devil Is In the Detail


If you’re like most business owners you probably don’t have the time to get down in the detail.


But few of life’s challenges get resolved successfully without getting down in the detail. 

Think about how you resolve challenging situations:

When there’s a misunderstanding with a client – get down in the detail

When you can’t see a solution to workplace problem – get down in the detail

When you are putting off an awkward conversation – get down in the detail

As easy and preferable as it would be to get by with your head in the clouds or by focusing on the big picture – it sometimes happens – nothing will serve your success better than understanding and controlling the detail.


If you doubt the importance of managing the detail, then recall a current challenge and ask yourself: “Is it at all possible that this issue could be alleviated with more insight about the details?”


Managing the detail demands you go beyond plans, strategies and objectives to understand the internal mechanics of our purpose and work.

The extent to which we need to address the detail is dependent upon the complexity of both the work at hand and the size of our investment in the work at hand.

Accordingly, the higher the complexity or the investment, the greater the need for insight and management of the detail.

Managing the detail is best done by asking yourself 3 questions:

  1. What do I understand about how my working environment operates?

This is assessing the entire system you operate in and how all the components are integrated to produce its output.

  1. What do I know about the drivers that influence my performance in that environment?

This is understanding not just the ‘building blocks’ of your performance, and ensuring measurement of key performance indicators. This is, importantly, considering your own internal drivers, such as your beliefs and values that influence your performance.

  1. What capability do I have to influence those drivers to achieve success?

This final question returns to the heart of successfully leading a business. Your capability to influence your external and internal drivers is dependent upon your ability to realise, plan, act and reflect on your performance and experience.


Answering these questions leads to smarter insights about your success.”


While the detail is often thought to be just a more granular level of information, it’s where the deeper catalysts for your success reside – such as your beliefs and values.

While it is certainly pleasurable to be up amongst the clouds, the reality of your future success is you’re going to be getting your hands dirty – but success is closer than you think.

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