How Do You Use Your WIIFM?


“What’s in it for me” (WIIFM) should drive your judgement and decisions.

Business owners battling day-to-day challenges can quickly lose sight of their WIIFM. 

And this is dangerous because it allows less productive biases to influence their performance, such as negativity, anxiety and knee-jerk reactions.

Why do you run your small business? 

When asked, business owners typically reply with a customer-centric response, such as to fill a market gap, deliver outstanding service, or improve client outcomes.

These are “what’s in it for the customer”, not “what’s in it for the small business owner”.  

Why do you run your small business over being an employee or an investor? 

This question gets to the heart of a business owner WIIFM, such as financial freedom, balancing work and life, or being your boss. 

WIIFM is like a bread culture. If you don’t continue to feed the culture, it will perish, and there will be no bread. 

The best way to feed your WIIFM is to use it to guide your judgements and decisions. For example:

  • Does this action support my financial freedom?
  • How do my activities balance work and life?
  • Is my response demonstrating I am my boss?

How will you use your WIIFM today?

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