Is Your Business Team in Shape for Success?


There are many stories about the team that lost its way, only to eventually realise its success, despite adversity and conflict.


Sometimes a team transforms as a result of a change in leadership, at other times a change in the environment or personnel. 

Interestingly, despite different catalysts for change, one common action usually exists: getting back to basics.

When asked to explain the new found success, team members are often heard saying two things. 

Firstly, they’ll say something such as “there’s no one special reason” or “it wasn’t that we tried anything radically different”. This is often an admission that they eventually did the hard work necessary for success.

Secondly, they will follow up with a comment about getting back to basics, such as: 

  • We just focused on what was important;
  • We started to look out for each other;
  • We focused on the reasons why we are here; or
  • We recognised that we weren’t on the same page.

In theory, teams should be operating in a known and agreed operating state, based on the agreed goals, roles and responsibilities of its members. 

It’s like the line-up of a sports team, everyone has their known position and role.

In reality, the dynamics of team member personalities and relationships within an often changing operating environment creates uncertainty which can challenge teams − especially those teams that don’t have the basics soundly in place.

From my experience, these are the 7 basics for business team success:

  1. Purpose – people are clear on the team’s purpose and success.
  2. Recognition – people look out for opportunities to recognise the success of others.
  3. Objective – people are responsible for objectively addressing team issues.
  4. Job – people understand their job and responsibility.
  5. Effectiveness – people work to standardise procedures to drive the effectiveness of decisions and actions.
  6. Communicate – people are informed of matters that affect anything and anyone.
  7. Think–people are encouraged to think for the betterment of the team.

If you have less than 3 of the basics in place, then it’s time to stop the game, take a time-out and reassess where your team is heading – because success only heads onwards and upwards

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