Tired of Being a Price Taker?


You CAN increase prices and not lose customers when you have a strong MDP.

A market-dominating position (MDP) is a priceless competitive advantage. Without it, you’ll be like every other competitor in your industry – promising the same platitudes that are usually expected by customers:

  • “We guarantee our results” – “Well I’d hope so!”
  • “Our staff are highly qualified” – “Well I’d hope so!”
  • “Our work is the highest quality” – “Well I’d hope so!”.

When you’re like everyone else you leave a prospect no choice but to compare prices – it’s a race to the bottom and no one’s a winner.

So what’s the alternative? 

Shift the focus from price to value.

Value is the regard the market holds for your product or service to rid them of a problem they have or gain a result they don’t have. 

But your customers can move on and expect more. And competitors can catch up and offer something more valuable. 

So, you may therefore need to reconsider:

  1. Who’s your niche client? 
  2. What’s the problem they don’t want or the results they don’t have?
  3. Do you need to innovate your product and/or services to increase value?

The bottom line – if you don’t want your customers to be a price-maker – don’t let them.

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