Your Business Needs You to Act First Innovate Second


You know the feeling when you avoid the action that needs your immediate attention and effort.

And despite that dread, if we put off action frequently enough we can end up convincing ourselves that our procrastination can only be solved by a new solution: a tool, a book, a method, a person or maybe even a business coach.


“While an innovative approach may be appealing, there are fundamental actions critical for your business success that are simply better done than contemplated.”


I’m the first to admit that my best life lessons have come from my most challenging moments. One of my biggest learnings is to be clear about what is important for my immediate success and doing it. Not finessing it.

Here are 7 actions I commonly observe that are important for the success of business owners. 


“While you may not always get them right first time, practising and learning these fundamental actions will support your ability to ‘act and achieve’ over ‘innovate and finesse’.”


1. Frequently prioritise time – plan, do, assess and plan again the use of time in small increments.

2. Immediately handle disruptions – address the unexpected without delay to avoid greater inconvenience later.

3. Give feedback generously – proactively identify opportunities to give valuable feedback to people important to you.

4. Delegate tasks considerately – ensure the work you provide to others has a positive impact and inspires them to want to do more.

5. Build rapport authentically – engage other people with their interests at heart and develop trust that prevents differences becoming difficulties.

6. Open mindset willingly – challenge your ‘first response ’ to events and find alternate views that serve your greater purpose.

7. Take responsibility courageously – accept what you are responsible for and honour that responsibility with conviction.

Your ability to make progress is dependent upon your willingness and readiness to take action.

Learning is a key output from us taking action and our mistakes and failures from action can be our ultimate learnings.

Identify what you need to do well for your success and do it. Sometimes your success just needs you to get the important work done first.

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