Your Motivation Moves You To and From Success


When were you last motivated to take action?


Was that motivation to move away from a current state or move towards a future opportunity? At a basic level, we are either motivated by attraction or repulsion.


We can be motivated to take action either by our attraction to a future opportunity or by our repulsion away from a current state.”


While some people may favour attraction or repulsion, if you’re like most people, there will be occasions when you will be inspired to seek a goal, and others when your dissatisfaction provides an impetus to move.

So why is knowing your preferred basic motivation important for your success? Well like most things in life, too much of one thing can be detrimental.

If you are predominantly motivated to change by the attraction of a new state, you risk not fully utilising the existing state and continually moving on to the latest and brightest new thing. This is the risk of underutilisation.

If on the other hand you are solely motivated to change by the dissatisfaction of an existing state, you risk not recognising new opportunities and unnecessarily enduring the frustration associated with your existing state. This is the risk of overburden.


Your results are the best indicator of your need to change your motion of motivation: towards or away.”


If you measure success regularly, you should know how your success is trending. 

So if you are experiencing a lull or downturn in your outcomes you can ask yourself 2 questions about your motivation.

1. Is my motivation being distracted by alternate new states? Am I underutilising my existing states?

For example, sometimes we can be attracted by a seemingly easier approach to solving a problem that doesn’t require as much effort. In time, however, we discover that if we had just done the work in the first place, we would have achieved the outcome. Personal fitness and health regimes spring to mind!

2. Is my motivation being diminished by not accepting the limits of my current state? Am I overburdened by my existing state?

For example, sometimes our levels of dissatisfaction may not yet have reached a point where we’re prepared to change our approach, despite no likelihood of an improvement in our outcomes. Difficult personal relationships or financial hardships are often endured until they become too much to bear.

It is natural for us to be drawn to new pathways or run from existing dead-ends. So make sure you understand how your motion is impacting your overall motivation and success.

Avoid underutilising what you have and overburdening yourself with what you have too much of. It’s a balancing act – so is your success.

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