The YPG® Program

Are you tired of going it alone when it comes to building your business?

Do you spend countless hours attempting to attract new clients, improve your processes and increase your revenue and profit but see very little in the way of results?

Have you finally decided it’s time to get help from a true professional who does this every day, does it successfully and has a proven track record?

Coaching is never an expense. It’s one of the smartest investments you will ever make when it comes to building your successful business.

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Program features:

  • Full-day planning session
  • Detailed implementation roadmap
  • Customised program relevant to your business
  • Weekly 60-minute coaching sessions
  • Sessions to fit your work schedule
  • 24/7 access to the coach
  • Efficient and easy processes
  • Monthly performance reviews
  • Month-to-month contract
  • Guarantee – minimum 100% return on coaching fee

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Are you ready for a demonstration of how we identify and implement strategies to grow your business? We’ll give you 3 strategies to increase your profit by $10,000 in this 45-minute session.​

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